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We charge a $75 camera (session) fee to create your portraits and have a minimum of $300 which we collect up front. We then issue you a $225 coupon to use toward the purchase of your prints.

For location portraits we frequently use Cypress Creek Park located just off Parmer Lane which has numerous park benches and rocks to pose around. The family portrait on this page was taken at Cypress Creek Park. The typical session lasts about a half hour during which we photograph the various members of the family altogether and in break out groups.

Following your portrait session the proofs are posted on our SnugMug site for review and purchase. After your selection a two day hold is placed on your order so that Jack can make the finishing touches to your portraits. Bay Area Photo produces the final prints and sends them to you thru the mail.

Click here to view Family Portrait samples.

Fine Art Prints from Monica and Jack PuryearVISIT WEBSITE
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